LuLaRoe Denim Jeans

The fit of these new LLR Denim Jeans are amazing!

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There are many ladies that have not purchased jeans in years because it is hard to find jeans that fit just right.  The wait is over, these jeans check off all the boxes:

✅ No sagging, you don’t have to keep pull them up 
✅ Elastic waistband in the inside (not shown on the outside) to smooth out and keeps the jeans from gapping
✅ Inside panels for tummy smoothing and control (its like built in spanx lol)
✅ A zipper and button
✅These are jeans NOT jeggings 
✅Super stretchy
✅Keeps its shape all day

A dream come true, these jeans are revolutionary. 

Magic Waistband
Every pair of LLR Denim comes with our Magic Waistband. Each Magic Waistband has no-gap elastic, amazing stretch capacity, and an even better recovery. It’s forming to your hips, ensuring everything stays in place with every wear. 
LuLaRoe Denim Slimming Panels
Slimming Panels
Every pair of LLR Denim comes with two slimming panels, located behind the front pockets. The slimming panels help smooth you out in the front, giving you a slimmer look.
The Standard — Medium Indigo
The Essential — Dark Indigo
LuLaRoe Denim Size Chart
LLR Denim fit true-to-size

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